Top 10 Triathlon essentials!

I’ll try not to list all the obvious things, as you’ll already be more than aware that you need a bike and some swimming kit to compete in a triathlon, but here I will try and discuss a few things that maybe have slipped your thoughts.

  • Supplements – You’re training hard, eating well and getting plenty of rest, but are you getting those vital extras you need. Lonsdale Supplements offer a huge range from Whey Protein to Creatine.
  • Training Partner – You’re tired from a hard week of training, you barely slept last night because of the weather and you have a gruelling 10k in searing heat to complete today. You don’t want to, but having a training partner will not only help motivate you in working together, but you don’t want to let someone else down as well.
  • Ipod and Headphones – Music is pretty much essential for me. That extra push to keep on running through the pain barrier. Load up your mp3 with upbeat tracks, turn up the volume and lose yourself. You’ll be done training for the day before you know it.
  • Running Shoes – Don’t wear a brand new pair of shoes, don’t wear ill fitting shoes. Get a pair of shoes properly fitted in advance of your race, giving you time to wear them in, and get fully used to them before the big day.
  • Water – Needs no explanation. Keep hydrated throughout training and race days.
  • Cycling Helmet – This might sound obvious but don’t forget it. You won’t be allowed to compete, and if your helmet is visibly damaged you will be stopped from competing as well.
  • Trisuit – These may come as a considerable investment dependent on quality, but if you feel that you need that extra edge, this could save you minutes during the cross over times.
  • Watch – Monitoring your training and performance is essential. If you don’t know if you’re improving, then how will you know to push yourself more.
  • Motivation – You can’t pay anyone for the privilege, and this is only as strong as you want it to be. Find real reason why you want to succeed, and when the going gets tough remind yourself why you are doing it!

Share your motivation with us, as well as anything you think has been missed.




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Diferences Between the Nike Running App and The ‘Moves’ App

Nike have really dominated the running app market over the past few years with their Nike+ app. Not only does this app have an array of tracking features that keep you informed about every aspect of your training session or race, but it has some never before seen social media features where you can share your races across Facebook and generate support from your friends whilst you run.

But a new entrant to the market has been making waves. ‘Moves‘ is a completely free app that is designed to track your distances and times over a longer time horzon.

The Moves app runs in the background and tracks you every movement, wether it be running, cycling or walking.

In this article we are going to examine the Moves app in more detail and look at how althout it lacks the features of the Nike app, it is much better suited to keeping track of your exercise levels over a longer time horizon as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Nike+ App

The Nike+ running app really has carved out market share when it comes to Iphone based running tracking. Not only does the app offer the best accuracy out of any app but it also offers an array of features that you would only normally find on a GPS running watch. You can track your time, distance, pace and speed over the course of your run as well as calories burned.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 13.07.52

During your training you receive updates through your headphone so you can keep your session on track without having to keep checking your phone. As well as receiving updates on your current training stats the app also reminds you to keep hydrated and alerts you when you have broken a personal best.

In addition to the actual tracking side of things, Nike have also built an array of social media connectivity into the app to really socialise your training. You can post you runs to your profile so that your friends can track your progress and offer support by ‘liking’ your run every time they hit that like button your hear a cheers sound through your headphones, motivating you to run faster and further!

The Moves APP

In contrast, the Moves app is more suited to recording your exercise levels over the long term. Instead of recording  second by second details about each individual exercise session, the Moves app instead records just distance and time before adding this to a story line of your day’s activities. You can then quickly flick through your training history to see how much exercise you have done over a day or for a given week.


Whereas the Nike+ APP is designed for runners only, the Moves app can be used for cycling and walking as well as running. The really clever bit is that the Moves app can automatically recognise your exercise type and so you can view your exercise for history by specific sport as well as total distance covered per day or week.

Because the Moves app runs in the background you dont need to remember to set anything up before your training session, meaning you dont accidentally forget to record a specific run, cycle or walk as you might with other apps.


Moves really does offer a hassle free way to track your exercise without having to worry about complex setup. Although the Nike+ app records more statistics, as it is only aimed at running, its cant really be used for other sports or long term exercise tracking. In contrast, the Moves app can keep track of your cycling, running and walking without you having to remember to switch settings or start/stop recording. Considering this app is completely free from the app store, there really is no better way to keep track of your activity levels as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Motivating running apps

Running apps are great motivators for new runners and offer more seasoned joggers valuable feedback, with interactive tools that track progress and keep you on top of goals and targets. There are so many different apps available, some being very simple, while others are more sophisticated. If you run alone, a running app can help keep your mind occupied with fun games and entertainment. You can even connect to your favourite social network and get encouragement from friends, while out. A discount code can help with the cost of a running app and many are supported by selected smartphones and mp3 players. Selected sports watches and sports bands also come with running apps installed. Running apps provide plenty of benefits and can really transform your running experience. They are really worth checking out!

As a new runner, you will need all the motivation you can get. If you can’t find someone to run with, or prefer to run alone, a running app may be just what you need, to help you reach your daily, or weekly targets. With a running app, you can track the distance and miles you’ve run, the time it takes for you to complete your run and your pace. Set your running app to track how many calories you burn. This feature is particularly useful if you are on a calorie controlled diet and are aiming to burn up a certain amount of calories each day, or week. Some running apps give audio updates and feedback, while you run. This feature can encourage you to keep going, when you really feel like giving up.

Social networks have fast become a huge part of many lives and central to many daily activities. Running apps reflect this shift and certain apps even allow you to update your status and bring with your online friends into your world, during your running. You can let your friends know when you start your run, and ask them to encourage you with feedback. When comments are received, you’ll get a encouraging audio in the form of a digital cheer, which can really help to keep you on course and fully motivated. Selected running apps also give you updated weather reports, so you can better plan your run. Research online for various running apps available and consider getting a running app, for positive motivation! Check out free apps and current discount code deals.

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Mizuno’s Newsest Creation

Mizuno are creating quite a stir on the forums at the moment with their newest release, the wave creation 13. This is a shoe unlike anything that Japan’s second largest running shoe manufacturer has created before as they have bucked the minimalist trend and decided to opt for a model that not only offers even more cushioning that ever but also has a reduced amount of arch support. This means that they risk scaring away those runners who have previously managed to get on so well with this line and this risks alienating a whole generation of runners from one of the most popular models of support shoe.

Stay tuned for more info or check out the post on the RankMyTri site to see what all of the fuss is about and to upload your latest race times.

Happy running

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Creatine and Running

Creatine and Running

Creatine is best known for being used in sports such as rugby and body building as opposed to running and triathlon. But can one of the most commonly available sports supplements be used to improve your running and triathlon race times and training performances?

The training implications of creatine have luckily been widely documented but it is a mixed bag of results when it comes to deciphering whether or not the supplement has any discernable impact on performance.

The energy systems that come into play when you are doing any kind of endurance sports are the aerobic and anerobic systems. The aerobic system is the most efficient energy transfer system in the body and this is what is used to combine oxygen and glycogen to produce the energy needed for us to live.

The anerobic energy system is the system that is used during intense bouts of exercise and uses ATP to fuel a quick burst of energy that lasts for about 15-20 seconds. This system can be refueled using a derivative of creatine that is the natural substance that exists in the body and so this is where the training benefits of creatine can be seen

Instead of improving the actual intensity or duration of exercise creatine can improve the recovery time between high intensity reps and therefore you can complete more reps in a given training session. This is very beneficial for your running or endurance sport performance as a higher lactate threshold translates into faster endurance races as a lower intensity. This is why athletes incorporate things like hill sprints and track sessions into their training because without them it would be very difficult to improve your efficiency or speed at all.

Having said that creatine is a good choice of supplement for any runner or endurance athlete, we still need to treat the supplement with caution. You must drink lots of water when you use the substance but you should always read the label and seek medical advice before taking any of this article into account or before embarking upon any kind of creatine powder loading plan.

Check out Maximum Sports Nutrition for creatine products such as Creatine Monohydrate or creatine powder as well as range of other sports nutrition products.

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The Importance of Running Socks

The Importance of Running Socks

Blisters are without exception a runner’s worst nightmare. They can spring up in  a matter of minutes and can reduce even a seasoned professional into a hobbling novice as well as ruining months and months of hard training.

There are a few easy ways in which you can reduce the risk of blisters such as buying correctly fitting running shoes and making sure that the inside of your shoes are clean and free from debris, but without fail the most important thing that you can do as a runner is to invest in a decent pair of running socks

They aren’t the most glamorous part of a runners kit and don’t exactly have the same excitement factor as a new pair of shoes or a new GPS watch, but socks are you’re a ticket to a long and healthy running career.

More research, development and innovation goes into running socks than you might think and you only need to look at how fast the industry has moved over the past few years to see just how advanced a simple pair of running socks are.

A few years ago, most runners were running in every-day socks (or maybe field sports socks if you wanted to look cool). Thick and heavy socks such as football, rugby and hockey socks are ticking time bombs when it comes to blisters as they not only hold moisture but their seams are danger sports for the rubbing and irritation that first causes sore spots.



In contrast, the modern running sock is normally made of a thin material that not only wicks moisture away from your foot but also works in conjunction with your running shoes to keep your foot cool and dry even under intense running conditions.

Any running sock worth its thread will be constructed with either a seamless build or flat-lock seams. This style of construction means that there are none of the areas that would usually cause rubbing in a conventional sock and therefore those blisters that form in obscure places are a thing of the past.



Some of the even more advanced running socks are constructed with something called an arch support. This involves a slightly different, thicker grade of material around the mod section of the foot which not only adds support but is is also effective at helping control the pronation of your foot. This pronation (or roll) of the foot occurs in flat-footed runners and is a common cause of knee and hip injures.

Hopefully this post has been a bit of a dive into the murky and unknown world of men’s and women’s running socks. I welcome any questions so please feel free to comment below or drop me an email.

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Polar RCX 3 Vs Garmin 610

There has been a few watched announced over the past few months. Garmin have released their fantastic new Forerunner 610 and 910xt watches and Polar have recently released their much anticipated RCX3 GPS heart rate watch

So what is the big fuss about these watches and why do they make such a difference?

For starters, the polar RCX3 is an advanced heart rate training watch that not only can tell when you are fatigued, but it can also plan and adjust your training plans for you depending on your fitness, time commitments and the race distance that you are training for.

Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Computer

Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Computer

Utilising the website you can also view your performance as well as something called your training load. This is your cumulative amount of fatigue that you have built up over the course of a full schedule of triathlon, running, jogging or fitness training.

The Garmin forerunner 610 on the other hand is a watch that has been made with specifically the tech geek in mind. Although it is not waterproof, it does connect up to your bike sensors and has in built GPS to track your progress. The Polar RCX3 does have a better batter life but this is because the GPS pod is separate to the watch and so doesn’t drain the battery!

Running is no longer a chore with the Forerunner 610 and Polar watch series as you can quickly and easily find the statistics that you are looking for whilst you are mid training session.

Athletes of all abilities from all sports can get the most out of their heart rate training using the Polar and Garmin editions.

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